Friday, March 13, 2009

for your reading pleasure i re-introduce our character..............


I've figured a way but I'm honestly afraid.i can't decide how much i truly need to become human to do this but if its possible i will do it.there is a way for a angel to become human again and then if i die i can go back to heaven and be reunited with Icarus........

if i do this there is no way for me to return to being an angel witch means no rules to abide bye,but also i cant talk to angels cause they are on a separate area of heaven and i wouldn't be aloud to travel over Icarus would have to give up her wings,become human,die,and return to heaven to be with me and i don't know if i can ask that of's so much to ask an angel,and such a beautiful angel at could you ask that of someone you love completely and eternally?

could you ask that of the person you love?could you ask them to give up there life and everything for you to be happy?could you honestly wish death on someone you hold close to your heart for you to be happy?if so ,you dont truely love the person you think your talking about.and if you cant,what if they were willing to but your not willing to ask that of them?

how would you live with your self if you had to make this choice?
how do you condem someone to death for love?
how do you ask so much of someone so spirtually close tio you that you have to watch them die for your plan to work?

i need help..................

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello my Readers.i have a simple favor to ask.i have a new friend and he has a blog goind on right now that you should check out.......

gladiatorsad. blogspot. com

thank you my friends for helping another blog get off the ground,

Finally I'm Done With Waiting...........


I'm going to do it.i love him and I cant take staying away from him.He is my heaven and I'm not complete without him.I need to be fallen and I need to break a law and soon.......I know just the one but I have to be careful not to think of it or the powers will hear me.I have spent decades protecting the world.What would happen if I led a spirit to the wrong place?
How would the other angels look at me if I sent a pure soul to the "Depth's"?
I don't care what they think as long as I get to see him I don't care.All he did was admit to loving me and he was sent away. What is so wrong with that?What so bad with feeling a perfectly true emotion?
I'm done with the rules.I can't stand them.I'm finally breaking free and giving up my powers just to see him and hear his voice..........

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Let Our Emotions Rip Apart Our Hearts,And Yet We Will Them To Do So


I don't know why everybody else is judging Fallen's choice.I stand behind him completely.If you love someone as much as you think,no I take that back as much as you KNOW,then you should stand up for it no matter what.I completely know what he feels,but I don't know if she feel the same,plus she is human.But I understand,and if I had to stand up to the powers and tell them that I loved her, then damn it I will.Love is something that all the other angels probably know nothing about.Most of them look at it as a means of death,but that's not it at all.It's just so filling and so.....just perfect.Even flying has nothing on the feeling of love.

A long time ago,I gave up my wings and halo for a chance to be human ,to feel love.I didn't have it removed by the Powers,so there was a chance for me to get it back.But, once I got to be human I hated it.There are so many emotions that people feel (angels automatically feel your emotions)that I could barely stand staying still.Fortunately, the "Person" I gave my things to returned them to me ,but said that if "He" ever needs me he will call on me and I have no choice but to answer.I just hope "He" forgot that I'm in debt to him,because its been decades since I've been back...................

After A While,Our Last Resort Is Our First Choice...........................


Why Fallen?Why?I know you loved Icarus. But if only you would have kept it a secret just a bit longer, then you could have made it without anyone knowing.I've always stood behind your decisions but I need to know why you said it when you did? If only you could have were like brother to me and now your gone.I'm going to try and find a way to get you back to heaven.No matter what it takes.You have no idea how bad Icarus is feeling with you gone.She loves you so much.The Powers won't hear me out and I can't get through to the seraphs. So if I have to,I will.......I'll go to Osaih.I know you would tell me to stay away from him...after what happened to Jericho..... but if it gets you back ,I'll do what I have to.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Flying The Skys ,To Falling In Love.............


I still don't understand. Why would you give up the ultimate paradise for something so tyrannous as love?Why would you just hand over your wings and your power for one is so.......futile.All it takes is for that person not to feel anything for you and then everything you've done had been for nothing. I've seen what it does to humans.they feel utter bliss for moments and then it normally leads to the same thing....suicide.And for a fallen angel ,or even an angel, the choice you make affects not only you but the people your watching over,your fellow angel,and most importantly god.How could you allow yourself to just drop all of these things for one person?

I don't think I will ever understand why but i will stand behind Fallen.He was my teacher,hero,and my best friend.I guess the only reason why i am thinking that why would be because Icarus is taking it so hard and I hate seeing her that way.He was my best friend and I guess I just miss him that's all.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You've Waited So Long For Me To Say I Love You,But When I Go To ,You Walk Away Saying It Was All My Fault.........

The only thing i really want to understand is ,why i am the way i am?I understand the legends(I've done enough research to understand),I've read just about all the scientific,or pseudo-science,papers on it.But i still don't understand why it has to be me.
According to the legends,it skips generations.My dad(not like i knew anything about him,he left right after he found out i was a boy)wasn't a werewolf,but my grandfather was.He went insane after he lashed out on my grandmother and killed himself.He ,like in the legend, drove a stake through his heart.It only works,though,when it forced through with the strength of a werewolf.Or something stronger.But besides that,why couldn't it have skipped my grandfather and went to my dad?I have to go through everything on my own.I have to learn how to phase back on my own(lets just say I was stuck for about a week after my first and only girlfriend broke up with me),how to calm down my emotions to a dull pain in my head.
I'll never understand but I just hope i can finally get close to someone enough to have them help me with this.I just wish someone would love me enough to not care what I am...............................